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MUES is an architecture design firm that finds inspiration at the intersection of culture, desire, and the natural world. This approach requires a higher attention to detail and more creativity than the old way of doing things. We consider everything and presume nothing — freeing us to produce ideas that reflect our clients and leave behind a legacy.

Our dedication to service means that we are beholden to no one but our partners and the ideas that solve their problems. Our work carefully explores light, material, and form. Great appreciation is given to the human experience of the spaces we organize. By challenging conventional ideas, we aim to provoke and enlighten.

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About The Team

We delight our clients with the unique combination of expertise and joyful design—all with the dedication of one consistent team.

We have deep knowledge of the construction process and architectural design principles. We know how to get things done right. That often entails finding creative ways to make the design work better for clients and occupants. In almost every case, it means we have to be efficient and time sensitive. We ask the right questions up front, so we can avoid misinterpretations of critical details.

Meet The Team

We are imaginative and creative, as demonstrated by our past projects and success stories. We do the research from the onset: we look at site-specific details and the client’s vision to inform the design in unconventional ways. We delight our clients by sketching site on scene, thinking about the big picture, and exploring the environmental context of their structure.

We take the time to foster a collegial relationship with our contractors, developers, homeowners, and others to ensure the entire project is a success. We do this by producing accurate drawings, offering our expertise, and making the necessary adjustments that come naturally with the construction process.



Culture and Values


MUES is committed to producing inspired and meaningful work for our clients. What we create is only as powerful as the preparation that goes into it. We consider the spatial and environmental context of each site to inform a purposeful and joyful design.


We use architecture as a platform for creativity. Every detail presents an opportunity for
innovation—from conception to execution. Because our work is purposeful, we look beyond
aesthetic traditions and common materials to bring uncommon structures to life.


We take as much pride in our designs as we do our relationships. MUES was founded on the spirit of teamwork, and we carry that principle through to our clients in the form of partnership, guidance, and peace of mind. We believe that our most successful projects will be those that represent the vision of our partners.

Our Clients

Our clients want a creatively designed structure that goes beyond being fundamentally sound and within the scope of work — they want a design that excites them and brings them joy!


MUES - purpose and play in every detail.

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