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MUES is an architecture firm based in lakewood that inspires wonder and joy with designs that tell a story.

We are architects.

residential and commercial design


MUES solves your problems

We do this by listening to your needs. We combine this with high-quality residential and commercial design. Our skills are available to landowners throughout the Denver area. We also serve the entire United States. Clients look to us as architects who will take their considerations to heart.

We emphasize design choices. Choices that fuse cultural and natural beauty to create buildings that tell unique and personal stories. Our architects assist with both residential and commercial design. MUES works with property owners in a wide range of fields. This ranges from luxury custom homes, hospitality to commercial. We are particularly adept at solving challenging sites for all of our clients.

First, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your vision. Second, we outline a range of options. Third, this helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. Finally, we always take your budget into consideration. We work with you to come up with a solution that suits your situation.

residential and commercial design

MUES is an architecture firm that inspires wonder and joy. Our designs tell a story. They relate to their context. This approach requires a higher attention to detail. Along with more creativity than the old way of doing things. We consider everything and presume nothing. Freeing us to produce ideas that reflect our clients. Ideas which leave behind a legacy. Our small team level of service means we are beholden to no one. No one but our partners and the ideas that solve their problems. We will never accept a new project if it would sacrifice the quality of our existing relationships.

If you’re looking for an architect, call MUES today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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residential and commercial design



Happy Clients

We not only look for our projects to pencil out, but also to inspire desire in our residents. MUES is an architect that gets it and that draws investors and inhabitants.
developer Client

The guys at MUES truly listen to what I am saying and then apply their unique perspective. They came up with something I never imagined. And I truly love the result.

I was looking for something to set my custom home apart from the other customs I see. MUES designed a special custom home for my family that stands out among the crowd.
residential Client

First rate business all around. These guys care about their customers and take ownership without question. Very creative and they don't shy away from doing something different. Simply put, MUES cares about their customers and the reputation of their business. Highly recommended!

residential Client

MUES - purpose and play in every detail.

Commercial, Multi-family, Custom Home Architecture Firm in Denver Colorado

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