Architect - Principal

Anthony J. Ries, AIA

Anthony’s first site visit was a crawl through inspection of the kitchen cabinetry his father had built and was now installing. From that day forward he was always helping on projects around the house. Passing a hammer here, holding a pile of nails there. He would be there quietly observing.

During elementary school Anthony spent a lot of time pursuing other creative avenues such as drawing and painting. In 7th grade art class a former student came to visit and spoke impromptu about his time in architecture school. This moment opened Anthony’s eyes into the world of architecture.

Never one to shy away from friendly political debate Anthony is involved with the AIA Colorado Government Affairs Committee. He is a mentor to a handful aspiring architects and routinely offers critique as a guest studio juror at the University of Colorado Denver.


  • Master of Architecture – Denver
  • MBA – Denver
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design – Boulder


  • Colorado Licensed Architect