Mues goes local to Lakewood Colorado

Mues designs commercial projects! We’ve been working with a client on the very early stages of his new car dealership in Lakewood Colorado.

It all started with a phone call and a meeting on site the very next day. We discussed the obvious aspects of the site such as: visibility, sound, access, sun, utilities, site constraints, and quite importantly for this site, drainage.

After the meeting we took to the survey and developed an initial concept plan showing the main building, size, key features, and site circulation with parking and vehicle display. We completed a couple rounds of review and feedback to finalize the plan then met with the City of Lakewood for their initial consultation. Since we are familiar with development in Lakewood and their zoning regulations it was easy for us to anticipate their needs and present a concept plan that aligned with those requirements.

After that meeting we submitted the plan for referral out to other agencies related to commercial project development in Lakewood. A month later we have feedback from transportation, wastewater, the fire department, city forester, utilities and other key people. The feedback was quite positive and the client chose to move ahead with the project the very next day.

While that plan was in for concept review we worked with one of our allied contractors for rough budget pricing. We also conducted additional due diligence items with the help of our civil engineering team and the client. Everything came back with a clean bill of health.

If you are even considering a land purchase for your next commercial development feel free to give us a call, text or email. We are architects that are able to assist you on these very early stages to help ensure your project is off to a good start.