Luxury Apartment Living

luxury apartment living

A new 300 unit luxury apartment living complex. This project is a mix of units types and sizes. There are 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units. This allows for a diverse population.

Parking is ample and is handled by a concrete podium. This podium is at grade and below grade. On top of the podium in the central courtyard is an amenity building and outdoor spaces.

Luxury Apartment Living Concept MAssing

The building layout is setup as two “C” shaped buildings. The corridors are double loaded. Therefore residents can select an outward facing unit or an interior unit. Assuming any are available. These units will lease up quickly.

interior design

These luxury apartments are outfitted with high-end appliances and lighting fixtures. Interior air quality is top notch. We all know health and safety is paramount in today’s apartment environment.

Luxury Apartment Kitchen Architect


Kitchen layout depends on the size of the unit. A three bedroom unit gets a large kitchen. A more efficient one bedroom unit has the smallest. However, all are set-up for enjoying company.

Luxury Apartment Kitchen Architect

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