Colorado Mine Inspired Custom Home

Every signature custom home starts with a story.

The home in this rendering is a second home we’ve designed for a previous client.  While the prior home was a sleek, modern masterpiece, the direction we received for this project was a rustic house with texture.  The concept started as a tree house and developed into a Colorado Mine inspired home.  The roof is welded cor-ten steel and the exterior is reclaimed barnwood. The home has a Living Room, Loft Bedroom, large Bath on the upper floor and a Peter Zumthor inspired spa on the lower level which includes a hot pool, a cold plunge along with an outdoor swimming pool.

The basement grotto area is made for entertaining.  Besides the water features, there is also a media screening area and fireplace. Even though the house is in the foothills of Colorado, the grotto and tv rooms are used year round!