First Nation Hotel – Saskatchewan

The big idea in hospitality design

When people are away from their home staying at hotels they want to experience something different. A trip away should exception. It should be experiential. A luxury hotel design should be something special. With that in mind we began the design of this hotel with a story. A story of heritage.

The concepts of water and weaving carry influence on the design of this hotel located on the Saskatchewan prairie.   Water is central to the First Nation culture and history – as a means of conveyance and communication.  Building alliances is central to this culture and is primary to their ability to flourish.  The Nation’s weaving of the land, the red willow, the sage grasses, dunes, sweetgrass contribute to their successful traditions.

luxury hotel site plan and concept
Concept Sketch


We brought these materials and ideas together into a single concept. Incorporate the flow of water into the design. Much like how the early First Nations people used water to travel about the prairie. This hotel also uses a waterway along the main path of travel.

We also stitched the design of the building together like the weaving of the willow basket. The balconies on the hotel suites echo this weaving. The layout of the building is also reminiscent of the woven basket. All things in this hotel are woven together. Much like our own personal relationships.

luxury hotel water walkway

the flow of water in architecture

The new hotel will need to link to an existing casino. As a result we need a pathway to get between the too. Rather than placing an interior corridor we opted to place that pathway along an exterior wall. Integrated into the pathway is a waterway that falls and cascades with the topography. The full height glass also extends the surrounding prairie into the building for a more integrated feel. We strive to maintain the story of culture in a dignified and subtle manner.

luxury hotel drop off
Entry Porte-Cochere


the art of weaving in architecture

Architects weave together many different components in the design of a building. The structural engineer, the electrical and the mechanical engineer all join together to make a building function. Similarly all the spaces and forms of the building need to weave together to make a building functional and beautiful. We’ve taken that to the next level on this hotel. We create a physical manifestation of this weaving and expressed it in the architecture.

luxury hotel floor plan

integrating ARCHITECTURE and story

Stories bring us together. As do buildings. By starting with the story of a people we are able to craft a building that reflects their rich history. It celebrates them and allows others to learn in order to better understand.

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