Community Pool House Architect Denver

Community Pool House

community pool house

This community pool house in Denver is for a new, up and coming community. The pool house is completed in the Farm House. This complements the single family homes in the development. Centrally located this community pool house is convenient for everyone.

Residents enjoy a common room with comfortable sofa seating. A large fireplace is opposite the seating. This creates a nice ambiance in the evenings. Large bi-parting glass doors open onto the pool deck. Making this truly an indoor / outdoor space. A small counter area with sink and refrigerator is in one corner. This is conveniently located for both indoor and outdoor access.

We’ve also incorporated a business center into this community pool house in Denver. This is the perfect place to “work from home” while keeping an eye on the kids playing. Seating and windows in this space give an unobstructed view of the pool deck.

Community Pool House Architect Denver

multi-function building serves the community’s needs

In addition to the community aspect this community pool house in Denver serves as a small maintenance building. This building has a built-in storage area for site maintenance equipment. This is accessed separately in a fenced off area. This prevents disturbance to the swimmers. The building also houses common maintenance items such as light-bulbs and other frequently replaced items.

The development is set up for zero to low maintenance for the residents. Maintenance staff takes care of the vast majority of upkeep for the properties. Therefore, this community pool house in Denver serves two functions. However, from looking at the building you would never know there is a maintenance component. These functions, seamlessly integrated, make this a perfect multi-function building.

Community Pool House Architect Denver

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