4 Reasons to Hire an Architect for a Home Remodel

This week we have a guest blog post from Michael Lies and his team at Gold Compass Real Estate. They sell luxury homes throughout the West Metro Denver area including Littleton and Lakewood. 4 reasons to hire and architect for a major home remodel.

Do you dream of a major home remodel? Want to give your home an open concept layout? Create extra bedrooms, or add on a second story addition for more space?  A renovation of this size can change the way your family functions at home. You will want to make sure to get all the details correct.  Hiring an architect might sound costly, but they are well worth the price on large remodeling projects or custom home designs.

Architects are highly trained in building design, engineering, ergonomics, and project management.  They will examine your home, listen to your desires, and then provide building plans suited for your lifestyle.  Here are a few reasons why you should hire an architect for your next major home remodel.

architects Provide Creative Ways to Solve Problems

The architects at MUES are highly trained professionals. They help you explore out of the box ideas.  They will meet with you at the home to listen to exactly how you want to live in the space. With that information they will create a design to help you achieve your vision. Possibly in a way that you did not originally consider.  They take into account both the interior and exterior environments of the home to create a functional and exciting place to live.

Sometimes homeowner’s ideas & desires are outside of a realistic budget. An experienced architect will have the experience to help guide you through cost and layout decisions. This helps you stay in line with your budget. They will make efficient use of space to help reduce costs.

Over-sized rooms are not always the answer. The careful consideration of a well proportioned room is. A well-designed home will add value to the home and can reduce initial costs. This also increases its long-term value. Architects can also find ways to reduce construction costs throughout the entire project. They are trained problem solvers and can meet past, present and future needs of a design.

architects help Avoid Design Errors

Your architect will be your advocate and they will help you to save money in the long run by avoiding design error pit falls.  There can be a lot of decisions when it comes to a major remodel from selecting plumbing fixtures to lighting options, to shelving and roof pitches.  In addition, other considerations might include plumbing flow rates, efficiency of water usage, light intensity, and location of power outlets.  An architect will help simplify well over 10,000 decisions that must be made before you turn that first key in the front door of your newly remodeled home.

An architect will also suggest reputable contractors to help the design come to life. Finding the right workers can save a lot of headaches and it will be a more rewarding experience for everyone involved.

ARCHITECTS Help You Choose the Right Materials & Finishes

There is a plethora of building materials and construction techniques to consider with a major remodel. An architect will bring an open mind toward a broad range of methods, materials, and components. This is in contrast to a contractor who may lean only towards his construction methods and suppliers.

Architects are knowledgeable of current design trends and can help you select materials that can hold-up to your lifestyle needs. Also, if you are looking at going green to conserve energy, hiring an architect with that specialty will help you choose the right products to help you accomplish your goal.

architects can help Handle the Paperwork

The design process can be overwhelming. Certainly, a great architect will guide & educate you along the way. An architect will design the project so that it meets all building codes. Architects design to meets structural demands on your area. Experiences architects will also help you through the inevitable red tape. Consider hiring a local architect who will be familiar with the local city and county zoning & building codes to get your plans approved quickly.

A major renovation can be costly. However, it will also increase the value of your home. Hire an architect to help you start your home remodel project with a good design plan, which will avoid money pit falls as the project progresses. In the end you will get the house you have been dreaming of!