Modern Luxury Custom Home

pool house

We find beauty in simplicity and relationships.

Mountain Modern Pool House

This pool house in the Rocky Mountains takes the lightness of calm water and anchors it to the earth through the stonework of the pool.  In the same manner, the glass walls anchor the roof to the stone walls of the structure.


The eastern side of the pool house is bound by a beautiful, large boulder which creates a compressed path along the side of the pool house from where the main house is located. Inside we find an inward focused hearth room for warming up after an evening swim, a small eating area for light meal preparation and an outward focused area for socializing.

Past the large mass wall is a bathing area with an adjacent outdoor shower and a space for the afternoon siesta.

To the west, raised above the pool, nestled among the rocks is an outdoor hearth area for socializing on warm summer nights.

The secluded stairs lead to a cozy roof top deck and viewing area enclosed in a glass railing. Beyond the railing is a green roof and distant mountain valley views.